Benakol Legal Classics Limited is a private company incorporated under Part A of Companies and Allied Matters Act in the 2018 with its business address opposite Nigerian Law School, Bwari, Abuja. The Company is one of the best legal outfitters which supplies and markets legal wares and accessories in and out of Nigeria.

In the last one year, it has become the home of both young aspirants at the Bar and Old ones for finest products and materials of Lawyers’, Judges and Senior Advocates complete Robes, lawyers wigs and gowns and other accessories such as Italian Suits, Chinese Suits, American Suits, Lawyers’ Shirts, Bibs, Collar, Collarete and Lawyers Bags.

The Company has its own design of legal regalia which are made from 100% horse wool, making them light, durable and weather conducive.

The Company also carry on the business of Book publishing, book sale, book supply, sale and supply stationery to Courts, Law Firms, legal departments of government Institutions and private organisations.
Benakol Legal Classics also markets and adult and children wears and items. It maintains a modern supermarket and online shop which houses different items for home use. Purchases of any of the product of the company can be done at its business address and online at www.benakol.com.

The Company organises the business and training seminars, conferences, social events, outings, lectures, parties and tours. In addition, it serves as management consultants and human resources consultant and conduct programmes for the training and development and capacity building through Workshop, Seminars and Conferences.